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Evoking Powerful Vote-Moving Democratic Feelings…In 60 Seconds

70 percent of the votes of the American electorate are determined by their respective views of the two major parties.

And while the Democrats spend millions on individual campaigns, they regularly (and foolishly) ignore the powerful, indeed, decisive vote-determining capabilities of party-framed perspectives.


Provided here for your own strategic thinking is a simple example of a proven 60-second message which moves beyond an individual candidate…and instead increases the overall Democratic partisan lean and support levels for multiple Democratic candidates simultaneously.


This model spot is donated for your general strategic and messaging thinking.


[Time permitting, Vic is also happy to donate a few minutes to any Democratic campaign or party organization to briefly discuss how this kind of proven, vote-moving, party-related messaging can be easily and effectively integrated into your overall campaign theming.]

Best of luck…

Just click on the photo below to see the spot...

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