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"I can't tell you how many times Vic's understanding on how to frame messages triggered Democratic rallies or turned around GOP attacks."


"Getting Dukakis to reformulate just two sentences of his overarching campaign message -- from an ineffective 'competence' theme to the populist 'which side are you on' -- shifted millions of voters and reduced Bush's margin from 16 to 6 points in less than 10 days."


"I hope Democrats don't tarry too long to do what Vic says in countering the serious, sophisticated and well-financed political threat facing Democratic candidates all over America this year!!"


-- Larry O'Brien, former Research Director,
Democratic National Committee

As seen on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, CBS, ABC, C-Span, and in the Washington Post, LA Times, NY Times, Financial Review, The New Republic, Campaigns and Elections, Mother Jones, and many more.


Whether it's winning an election, influencing public opinion, shaping government policy or strengthening your organization…Vic Fingerhut can help.


A pioneer among Democratic polling and media consultants, Vic is one of the only Democratic consultants who has successfully stopped and reversed right-wing, populist movements -- such as the Democrats (at all levels) are facing.


From Vic's development of the strategy that produced the 15-point, 8-million-vote rally for Hubert Humphrey in the final three weeks of the 1968 presidential his design of the national media campaign (TV and radio) that Newt Gingrich personally blamed for defeating his so-called “Contract with America” Vic's design of the strategy in the landmark Australian national election that saw the remarkable upset defeat of four-term (and supposedly unbeatable) conservative Prime Minister John Howard -- Vic Fingerhut has been on the cutting edge in understanding the fundamentals shaping the choices of voters -- particularly critical swing voters in the Western democracies.


Vic has been able to achieve these dramatic successes for progressive candidates and movements because he is one of the few Democratic polling and media consultants who knows how to undermine and re-direct the political impulses underlying right-wing populist movements.


Besides getting over four million George Wallace voters to switch to the country's leading liberal and civil rights proponent, Hubert Humphrey, as far back as the 1968 presidential election, Vic's messaging strategy also stopped Howard Jarvis' right-wing, anti-tax, anti-government movement in California (virtually identical to today's Tea Party movement) in the landmark Proposition 9 campaign, less than two years after Jarvis had routed California progressives with his infamous Proposition 13 campaign.


Vic -- working with the Australian labor movement and the Australian Labor Party -- devised the successful message and media strategy for the Australian labor movement and Australian Labor Party that led to the defeat of the supposedly unbeatable right-wing Government of Australian Prime Minister John Howard. Vic did it by shaping a progressive populist message frame that first halted, and then reversed Howard's right-wing populism, which -- up until Vic's involvement -- had been successful in luring working and middle-income Australian voters to Howard's side through the use of a series of right-wing (anti-immigrant, etc.) political appeals.


A highly-trained political scientist and lecturer in international politics, public opinion, and voter motivation, Vic is one of the few polling and media consultants who fully understands the underlying deeply ingrained perceptions and message formulations that push voters either to the left or right.


And whether it was helping elect the Mayor of Panama City, Panama, designing a successful campaign to modify party identifications of voters in the Canadian province of British Columbia, or working with you and your campaign, Vic's skills and analysis are clear, effective, and accessible.

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