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What Our Political and Labor Colleagues Here

and Overseas Say About Vic Fingerhut



 “I have known Vic as a colleague and consultant and long respected his brilliance in

insightful message and thematic development. He has been way ahead of the curve for decades, arguing for a Democratic progressive populist message that takes the needs of regular working people into account.


Vic is also well-known in the labor community for his skilled and creative work in media production. Just one example was his powerful radio and television spots on behalf of the United Mine Workers that turned public opinion in an entire state (Virginia) in support of the UMWA during our union's battle with the Pittston Coal Company to protect the health care benefits of retired miners and their spouses. If the Democrats had been listening to Vic over the past 30 years -- and especially last year -- they'd be

in a lot stronger shape than they are in now.”


-- Phil Smith, current National Political Director,

United Mineworkers of America



*       *       *


“My company, EMC, is the leading research and communications company for trade unions, the Labor party and progressive organizations in Australia. In 2004, I met Vic Fingerhut on a trip to Washington. It was immediately obvious to me that Vic's insights and ideas would be most valuable in Australia and his views were very much aligned with what we were finding in our research. A year later, our firm was hired by the ACTU (the national union peak body) to run a three-year campaign against the conservative government's plan to do away with Australia's industrial relations system.


We quickly hired Vic as a consultant to the campaign. His insights and advice were instrumental in us winning that fight and defeating the Howard Government. So comprehensive was the victory that the Prime minister lost his own seat and Australia's IR Laws were re-instituted. Vic’s thinking is very much a part of our approach to winning campaigns for the Labor movement in Australia.”


-- Tony Douglas

Founder & Director of EMC



*       *       *


“Vic is a respected and experienced media advisor and pollster who has been instrumental in developing a number of high-profile campaigns for the Democratic

Party as well as the labor media campaign that attacked Gingrich’s Contract with America. I have always found his analysis, strategy and advice to be effective and

well ahead of the curve.”


-- Former U.S. Senator Paul Sarbanes


*       *       *


“Vic was and is the only Democratic strategist who knows how to reach

the swing non-union workers in this country.”

-- Sam Dawson, former National Political Director,

United Steelworkers of America



*       *       *



“Lets hope the Democrats don’t wait until the last minute to listen to Vic again. Let’s start listening to Vic’s guidance now – so we can win in the next election cycle.”


-- Amy Isaacs, former Executive Director,

Americans for Democratic Action



*       *       *



"I can’t tell you how many times Vic’s understanding on how to frame messages triggered Democratic rallies or turned around GOP attacks. Time and again, Vic has shown he has the ability to shape and deliver the right message to those swing voters Democrats need to win.”


-- Larry O’Brien, former Director of Research,

Democratic National Committee



*       *       *


“As the long-time political director of the Canadian Labour Congress, I am very familiar with and grateful for the great help Vic has lent to progressive forces in Canada. He has always been willing to come up here -- often on short notice -- to share his immense store of political insight and strategic wisdom. Vic has provided innovative polling and media help to both the Canadian labour movement and our associated political party, the New Democratic Party (NDP).

Vic knows that the left in any country must get the support of the average working family if they are to succeed. His wise advice related to this strategy quite literally saved the national NDP from irrelevance. When campaigns ignored his advice they

did poorly. I have and will continue to recommend people work with Vic to craft a winning strategy.”


-- Pat Kerwin, former Political Director,

Canadian Labour Congress



*       *       *


“With the help of Vic Fingerhut, a veteran political consultant who has worked for populist Democratic candidates and unions in the United States, the Australian Council of Trade Unions sealed the fate of right-wing Prime Minister Howard with its “Boys in the Boardroom” ad, which featured a group of company directors sitting around working out how to reduce labor costs while increasing their executive bonuses.”


-- The Sydney Morning Herald

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