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Media Advisor and Pollster, Vic Fingerhut and team are renowned around the world as one of the premier campaign designers who will put the strategy in place to influence and win.

Innovative Polling & Message Development


Vic Fingerhut’s name is associated with development of the landmark development of effective survey research not just in the United States, but in progressive communities globally. Vic’s breakthroughs in cross-national survey research over a period of several decades have re-shaped thinking about progressive polling strategies throughout the Western democracies. His messaging innovations from economic populism to the use of “Working People” identity politics have become standards for progressive Campaigns from the United States to Australia

Speaker, Writer & Trainer


Vic has been a multiple guest on the major news and talk shows in the U.S. and overseas from CNN, C-Span, MSNBC, the Australian Broadcasting System and CBC, among many others. His articles on public opinion have appeared in newspapers and journals from the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the New Republic, Campaigns and Elections, among many others. More importantly, Vic and his team provide in-depth education and training programs as well as single presentations in voter behavior, public opinion, and effective message framing for progressive groups.

Winning Elections


An unmatched record of of defeating right-wing movements

Landmark Victories for Labor

Just mention the names:  Pittston, Ravenswood,

Mercy Hospital, Bayou Steel, Kennecott, and someone

Gets the picture.  Combining polling, messaging and media

Insights, Vic and his team have been behind some of the major labor victories of the past 30 years. His cross-national survey research breakthroughs have led to repeated successes at moving large numbers in the direction

Influencing Public Opinion
Strengthening Your Organization


Internal research and internal organizational messaging is often as important for the success of an organization as its external activities.  Vic Fingerhut Campaigns has years of experience in coordinating and designing internal surveys for a wide variety of labor and other organizations.  The same in-depth polling and messaging techniques that are employed to successfully understand and deal with a complex and always changing external world are utilized to help you understand and strengthen your own organization.

Keynote Speaker & Expert Advisor


Vic Fingerhut has been on just about every News Talk Show and Political Affairs show in the USA and around the world, from Fox News, CNN, BBC, ABC, C-Span, and MSNBC.  Vic's background on Politics, World Affairs, Survey Research, and Media is second to none.  Vic speaks regular at many Corporate and National Conventions, weather as a Keynote Speaker, Panellist, or Political Expert, Vic can talk the talk, and back it up with over forty years of experience.

We can Write, Produce, Direct, and Film your next Web Ad, Webinar, Podcast, Television or Radio Commerical.  Here are expamples of what we can do for your next Campaign or Project.

They're AmericansVic Fingerhut Campaings
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