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Political / Public Issues / Non-Candidate Public Policy


  • Federal Political Issues and Message Polling (Canadian Labour Congress – 2006 Federal Election)

  • Nationwide Campaign against Congressman Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America” (polling and national radio and TV campaign, funded by 10 major U.S. unions)

  • Campaign against Governor Pataki’s Proposed Health Care Cutbacks in New York State (Client: 1199 National Health and Human Services Union)

  • Message Surveys of Swing States in 2004 U.S. Presidential Election (Client: International Association of Machinists (IAM))

  • U.S. National Message Survey in Final Days of 1988 Presidential Campaign (Client: 3 major U.S. unions -- IAM, Steelworkers (USWA), United Auto Workers)

  • National Trade Policy Issues – 1990-2006 (Various surveys for USWA, IAM, Communications Workers of America (CWA), among others)

  • U.S. National Healthcare Issues and Messaging (Client: American Association of Retired Persons)

  • New York State (and City) Political, General Economic and Healthcare Issues Polls and TV campaigns (Client: 1199/SEIU, 1985 - present)

  • California (Statewide) Surveys on Privacy and Consumer Issues (2004-2006) (Client: Consumer Federation of California)

  • British Columbia Anti-Service Cutback Campaigns (British Colombia Government Employees Union)

  • Americans for Democratic Action (Polling on National Political Issues and Messaging)

  • Environmental Action (successful “Dirty Dozen” radio campaigns against anti-environmental congressmen) New York, California, Ohio (and other states) Surveys on Utility Rates Issue

  • Wilderness Society (environmental issues)

  • U.S. League of Women Voters (education policy issues)

  • New Jersey Anti-Privatization Campaigns – polling and media (Client: New Jersey CWA)

  • U.S. National Pension Protection Issues (Client: American Flight Attendants Union/CWA)

  • National and Statewide Surveys on Electric Power Deregulation

  • U.S. National Aviation Policy Issues (Client: Allied Pilots Association)

  • New York Transportation Issues (Client: Amalgamated Transportation Union (ATU))

  • Pennsylvania Transportation Issues (Client: Transport Workers Union (TWU))

  • Connecticut Health Care Issues (statewide) (Client: Conn. State Council – SEIU)

  • Political Issues and Message Testing (various state, county and local Democratic parties)

  • National Hispanic PAC (political attitudes of Latino voters – nationwide)

  • Statewide Surveys (California) on Hospital Staffing Ratios and Other Healthcare Issues

  • U.S. National Immigration Issues (County Executives of America)

  • Pennsylvania (statewide), California (statewide), and various other statewide tax issue referenda (Defeated Howard Jarvis’ supposedly unbeatable Proposition 9 Tax “Reform” measure)

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