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Winning for Democrats, Labor and Other Progressive Groups...Worldwide

Classic Victories... Our Record

   Vic Fingerhut is one of the leading national and international progressive polling and media consultants and strategists.

   He has established an unmatched record of moving millions of votes to the progressive side of the political spectrum, often in only a matter of a few days...and often with only limited resources.

   Vic has designed polls and media for a wide range of leading national Democrats ranging from Hubert Humphrey, Jimmy Carter, Lloyd Bentsen, Paul Simon to Tom Harkin, as well as countless other federal, state and local officials.

   Vic Fingerhut is one of the few true 'Political Polling Experts' in the world today.  Vic's polling techniques and strategies have been used and copied on political campaigns and programs in the USA and around the world for decades.

   If you want one of the true experts to show you what can be gained through to take polling and make it your base and testing point for the next major campaign or corporate marketing program, you should really talk with Vic.

Media That Works

   Combining the latest and deepest probing data with the profound historical sense of a Yale University-trained political scientist, the media Vic and his skilled associates have designed has produced some of the most dramatic progressive shifts in public opinion of the past several decades.

   Just ask former four-term, right-wing anti-labor (and supposedly unbeatable) ex-Australian Prime Minister John Howard, or Newt Gingrich, who still blames Vic’s national TV campaign for sinking his so-called "Contract with America."

“Lets hope the Democrats don’t wait until

the last minute to listen to Vic again. 

Let’s start listening to Vic’s guidance now –

so we can win in the next election cycle.”


--Amy Isaacs, former Executive Director,

Americans for Democratic Action

Get Vic's Latest Strategic Advisory!

"With the help of Vic Fingerhut, a veteran political consultant who has worked for populist Democratic candidates and unions in the United States, the Australian Council of Trade Unions sealed the fate

of right-wing Prime Minister Howard with its "Boys in the Boardroom" ad, which featured a group of company directors sitting around working out how to reduce labor costs while increasing their executive bonuses."

-- from The Sydney Morning Herald

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